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Author Firewall
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Posted on 10-03-2010 16:20
To protect even more Your computer laptop etc...

it's good to have antivirus & Firewall

Plenty of Antiviruses are having build in them firewall but they are not always working properly.

If you would like to have Firewall You have to know which firewall won't be messing with Your Antivirus. It can cause BLOCKING INTERNET ACCES TO YOUR APPS!

I've got Zone Alarm Pro (antivirus+firewall) but i'm using as well GhostWall (firewall)
so it looks like i've got 2 firewalls. Yea that's true but firewall which is build in antivirus is very weak that's why i've got seperately Firewall which is not makin any troubles with antivirus.

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